Who We Are

ImHappyNow.Com is a wholly Irish owned School-Safe social media network designed specifically for Secondary Schools. Social media is here to stay and can be a wholly positive experience if used properly and this begins with education. The purpose of this site is to work with schools, to educate young adults how to use social media responsibly, to respect each other, to make friends with other young adults across the world based not on how they look or what group they belong to but what they have in common and who they are as individuals. Through in-built security software ImHappyNow.Com allows young adults to use social media in a controlled and safe environment without the fear of harassment or bullying and empowering them to protect their own well being. This website is based and runs in conjunction with the best-selling novel “ImHappyNow.Com” by Diarmuid Hudner, which deals with three young adults from different countries who were the victims of bullying and how they changed their lives by meeting online. His book has been endorsed by Pat Courtney, National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator for the Dept of Education and is widely used in schools in conjunction with The Personal Development Handbook and Educators Guide (foreword by Dr Patricia McNamara, Senior Lecturer, Education Department, University of Limerick).

How We Do It

  • Each member is registered through their school thus authenticating them as “real people” and eliminating predators
  • Friendships are made based on what you have in common such as Music, Sports and other Cool Stuff
  • All conversations are private, on a 1-1 basis disallowing others to make comments in public
  • All students are anonymous thus enforcing the principle that friendships are made based on who we are as individuals and not on how popular we are
  • Through inbuilt security software,  inappropriate words, phrases, swearing, bullying of any kind is not permitted and is continually updated
  • Our software is developed to modify users language to what is appropriate and respectful
  • Our website is based on a novel and personal development handbook which is approved and endorsed by the Dept of Education to increase awareness beginning with the knowledge that they are not alone in the way they think or feel, building self-awareness and awareness of others, conditioning a positive mental attitude, tools to deal with problems and how to react to them in a positive way. By setting goals and taking action to fulfill their dreams, building self-esteem and inner confidence to face their fears and overcome them, it guides how to make positive life and career choices and ultimately to choose happiness as a way of life.
  • Users are encouraged to “Flag” any inappropriate messages resulting in immediate action
  • In the event of a user being identified for misuse of the site, their account is immediately suspended and the relevant school notified immediately.
  • Each day a positive post is uploaded to the site to encourage and motivate members to make positive life choices
  • Members and schools can create groups and interact with other schools on similar projects
  • There is no advertising on this site
  • There is no sharing of photos
  • Teachers are also members
  • The cost is only €5 per member per year


Contact Us

We would love to work with your school and introduce your students to all our other members. Register your whole school or just one class – everyone is welcome. Please fill up or form below and we will be in contact immediately. We will be happy to meet you in person and give you an online demonstration.

Contact Us – Got a question? Want to Join Us? Email us at info@imhappynow.com or use the form below:

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